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As a Riverside County Deputy Sheriff, I have patrolled the streets, mountains, and lakes of Southwest Riverside County. I formed the Police Department for the Riverside Community College District and served as its first Chief. My family represents three generations of military service. I have served in the U.S. Army Reserve and California National Guard. For over 55 years, I have coached several sports and taught elementary through university-level athletics and understand how to inspire the youth of today.

As a 50-year Riverside County resident, business owner, former law enforcement officer and U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, city public safety chairman, and coach, I understand our community and its needs. Over 50% of every city's budget is spent on police, fire, and recreation-that is my experience. I have worked for local school districts as well as a city Fire Department and for city Parks & Recreation Departments. I am passionate about making California's District 67 a greater place to live and work.

Jerry Carlos for State Assembly District 67

PLEDGE: Kelly Seyarto is a good man who wants the best for District 67. There will be no derogatory nor negative comments about Mr. Seyarto in this website. Thank you!

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